Call of Duty: Battle of the Barn (Zombie Tranzit Farm)

One scout’s recon mission has taken an unexpected turn while investigating sightings of zombies. During one of his status reports, “walkers” had emerged from an unidentifiable location and commenced an attack. Outnumbered, our scout had to quickly evacuate the area, dropping his GPS locator in the process…

…now, weeks after the incident our scout has sent an S.O.S. transmission.
This following is a transcript of said recording…

DSCN2142   DSCN2144

01:34 HRS FEB 09 2014
 LOCATION: <<GEO COORDINATES: 45.405776°N, 73.221455°W>>

…Tactical Command [TACCOM], this is Eagle-Two. I’m —ing to get back to original LZ, but lack o [inaudible] –. I’ve found a landmark that appears to be an old farm. No sign of w–kers. I’m closing in to clear the area:

DSCN2153**Comm Static** Now approaching –so far: clear. The barn seems to be vacant and left disheveled by previous residents.DSCN2154 Main structure consists of a wooden construction using standard building techniques. Condition appears — — very old and worn, with two large —- doors and an exposed lookout above.  To the south of the main structure is some type of turbine, possible a power generator. I’ll be checking the integrity of — area and likely establishing residence in the upper level for evac.

Tools and such are strewn about, including a few sandbags, a jerry can, some barrels and other farm-related materials. Near the barn door appearsDSCN2155 to have some type of pulley system was dropped or broken during a skirmish. The deco is very worn and I now see there are missing boards throughout the structure, as some of them are still hanging by single posts.

More notable, there seems to be some sort of corrosive substance cracking through the surface of the ground which this farm is built on. I haven’t identified the source, but can confirm it’s temperature is very hot. NOTE to evac team to steer clear.**

-(5 minutes later)-

**Now approaching southern corridor of building…DSCN2159Again, the structural integrity of this building is amiss due to the visible damage. Actually, building appears to be more of a facade than an actual structure…certainly not as deep as expected. Some of the external areas affected appear to have been boarded up windows.DSCN2160 I’m proceeding to tear away these boards to get a look inside.Still unclear why as there’s no evidence to suggest an attack…is it possible the residents were infected?**

“….what…was that?”


**TACCOM: be noted there are hostiles in the area. Repeat, hostiles in the area. Counting four tangos of similar conditions to previous encounter. No fonz, repeat–no fonz.Cannot confirm if they’re part of the last horde encountered or another group. Tangos are closing in…no time to break down the window before entry. I’m making a move to get inside..

 DSCN2166   DSCN2168

-(18 minutes later)-

**Comm static** (heavy breathing)…TACCOM, I’ve secured the upper level. More tangos are inbound. Repeat additional reinforcements have embarked on my position. Requesting assistance ASAP. Rep—SOS. Assistance needed ASAP. Send firepow—**

-(2 minutes later)-

**Not sure if that transmitted…battery is dying.I’m holed up in the barn, upper level. One access point, mutiple vantage points. Cannot evac via roof. REPEAT: Cannot perform rooftop evac. Send reinf—**



The following analysis is for service of additional divisions in the evaluation of procuring this platform. Ratings are based on a 5-star system and are quantified in terms of specific importance as Private, Sergeant, Captain, and General to be determined on their impact to the overall score.

Construction Quality: 5-stars (Private)

  • Assembly is very straight-forward and intuitive, if not slightly oversimplified. Construction of the barn doors and sliding mechanism utilizes a creative approach.

Design Aesthetics: 2.5-stars (General)

  • Barn lacks sufficient depth.
  • As noted in previous reports, zombies lack articulation and could benefit from ball-socket articulation at ankles or shoulders; but unlikely to be redesigned. A unique sculpt or ‘survivor’ would have done well to support overall product.

Asset Value: 2.3-stars (Captain)

  • Decisions will likely be based on individual team’s accessibility to funds and familiarity with source materials. Division commanders will find limited value in multiples due to lack of “tangos” and should only allocate resources to extend barn structure. A single purchase is most suited for collector-completeists. Hobbyists need not apply and will find more value in substitute (see assignment: 06826.doc)
  • An extra figure (either survivor or undead) would have helped boost overall perception of value.

Battlefield Importance: 2.5-Stars (Sergeant)

  •  It’s a setting which is welcomed, but the facade-instead-of-structure design and lack of antagonist’ presence make this set less dynamic than others at the same price point.

Overall Rating: 3.1-Stars: A rickety attempt to give fans a well known structure/map from the license. Not recommended as an introductory set but a nice addition to a diorama.

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