Call of Duty: A Day at the Breach (Landing Craft)

The year is 1944. Allied forces have stormed Normandy beach, and are now in control of the majority of the seaboard. A few pockets of resistance remain; notably a pillbox rumored to contain an officer that may have valuable strategic intelligence at OMAHA location.

Due to the sensitivity of the mission required, a newly conscripted marine unit was sent to claim the beachhead where this officer was perched…
…with one stipulation: DO NOT COMPROMISE THE ASSET…

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Call of Duty: OPERATION Treadheavy (Heavy Armor Outpost)

After losing communications with a small command post deep in the Canadian forest, HIGHCOM has ordered a reconnaissance team to the area to re-establish telecommunications. An asterisk at the end of the command memo instructs logistics to prepare heavy armor support in conjunction with the recon team. Surely this is an odd request for any reconnaissance mission…

The following memorandum discloses the purpose of such an order…

15:12 HRS MAR 01 2014
 LOCATION: <<GEO COORDINATES: 45.433876°N, 73.631058°W>>

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