Call of Duty: OPERATION Treadheavy (Heavy Armor Outpost)

After losing communications with a small command post deep in the Canadian forest, HIGHCOM has ordered a reconnaissance team to the area to re-establish telecommunications. An asterisk at the end of the command memo instructs logistics to prepare heavy armor support in conjunction with the recon team. Surely this is an odd request for any reconnaissance mission…

The following memorandum discloses the purpose of such an order…

15:12 HRS MAR 01 2014
 LOCATION: <<GEO COORDINATES: 45.433876°N, 73.631058°W>>


First, I must disclose It is with great trepidation I write to you of our findings at checkpoint ECHO-FIVE. After seeing the situation at-hand, I suspect ample intelligence was available prior to our investigation.DSCN2176 It is not out of fear; but out of respite that I complete my obligation in submitting this memorandum. Despite my team being subjected as some form of bait – I take great pride in knowing my team executed their duties diligently in such that we sustained no casualties. In this regard, I must also note the dependability of an M1 can never be underestimated.

Our patrol started in an alpha-scout formation; LCpl. Foruotte positioned flankside, I scouted point positioned next to the .50 cal and Cpt. Price drove. DSCN2179The weather was clear and path beaten; so we laid tracks without much concern for being followed as it was assumed this is friendly territory. Speaking of tracks, I offer my compliments Charlie company mechanical division – it seemed like no obstacle could slow the massive, fully-functional treads on this tank. I’ve seen plenty of ‘sherms in the field get hung up on gums in works in this kind of terrain, but not the M1.DSCN2207DSCN2181


“Take defensive positions!”

Upon arrival at the primary target, LCpl. Foruotte and Cpt. Price took standard positions and I flanked their blindside with the M1. Both soldiers proceeded to check the surroundings; but other than a few cement posts, a screen and some sandbags – ECHO-FIVE was looking more like a makeshift barricade than a communications outpost.

It was around this time that I checked our GPS coordinates to ensure this was in-fact ECHO FIVE when a voice was calling from above. It was Cmdr. “Six”. After viewing the surveillance footage I’m still a little dumbfounded how well the M1 was able to blend into the surroudings; even with that Honeywell AGT1500 engine rattling away the birds. DSCN2186

Once I realized what he was shouting, I quickly mounted the M2 and swung portside to supress any oncoming targets. This is when I noticed Cpt. Price had also come under attack; but couldn’t quite make clear what kind of enemy we were dealing with…

DSCN2184                 DSCN2185

…that’s correct HIGHCOM. Zombies. Mutants of humankind, somehow were arising from the earth. I wasn’t sure if we were fighting our own at that point, but seeing Cpt. Price empty a clip gave me all the assurance I needed that friendly fire was of no concern; sDSCN2189o I started running the gauntlet against the oncoming threat.


“Get your dead ass off my TANK!”

In the midst of ensuring Price’s safety, one of the combatants had managed to wrangle itself onto the hull of the tank; but while suppressing the horde from Price – he was able to dispose of the zeta without compromising our sensor arrays. Still, I don’t think it would’ve been too much for TACCOM to have given us at least a little forewarning that zetas had overtaken the position. Kind of difficult to not feel like bait walking into a trap like that.

Nonetheless; Price and Foruotte were able to make it back onto the hull along with Cmdr. “Six”; and we proceeded out of the hostile area.


“Plenty of room for a spare body or two…”


“Hey buddy, watch the fuel tank, eh!”

During debriefing, Cmdr. had noted that ECHO-FIVE was a surveillance position to monitor the zeta outbreak; and that the attackers weren’t uniformed soldiers but actually locals that had been infected. He didn’t divulge what they’d been infected with or how; but I imagine his presence at ECHO-FIVE means that you already know the answers to those questions. In any case; per request of the commander – Foruotte secured a sample zeta in the tank’s storage compartment. After securing the sample zeta, Foruotte did the routine checks on the M1 and found we’d lost a comms antennae in the scuffle which is why we were unable to transmit for backup. Good thing Price is a good shot because I hadn’t considered the risk of him popping holes the fuel supply!

After assessing the damages taken to the transport, we mobilized toward checkpoint beta; though this time Cpt. Price and LCpl. Foruotte manned the turret while I drove:

DSCN2201                   DSCN2196  DSCN2205

Once we arrived at checpoint BETA, Cmdr. “Six” and Price stepped outside of earshot and had some sort of verbal exchange. DSCN2192Then the captain ordered us all out of the tank while Commander “Six” looked it over…

I would like to go on record and note that the commander was present when LCpl Foruotte did his maintenance check.

Nonetheless, without a word or explanation, Cmdr. “Six” saluted us; which considering Price’s expression was the all-clear to be on our way…

DSCN2193Thus, TREADHEAVY was a success…




The following analysis is for service of additional divisions in the evaluation of procuring this platform. Ratings are based on a 5-star system and are quantified in terms of specific importance as Private, Sergeant, Captain, and General to be determined on their impact to the overall score.

Construction Quality: 5-stars (Sergeant)

  • A bottom-to-top construction that leaves little else desired beyond a covered turret area. A slightly bent 105mm barrel on mine; but likely it was due to cooling of the plastic and not a packaging issue.

Design Aesthetics: 4.75-stars (Captain)

  • Superbly placed printed graphics and well executed details like the machine gun ammo, jerry cans, fuel tank, and turret controls: DSCN2199
  • Camo effect is done perfectly with the dual-injection molding of pieces. Coloring works very well in multiple environments and functionality of the treads is spot-on!
  • An odd color choice in Price’s accessories cause this set from being a perfect selection; but the off-putting color is so faint comparatively that it is only noteworthy in this briefing.

Asset Value: 5-stars (General)

  • Another set in which multiples will be decided on individual team’s accessibility to funds and familiarity with source materials. Set bodes well for hobbyists as many standard pieces are used in this color scheme; leaving additional acquisitions very manageable for customization.
  • All three figures feature great accessories, excellent details and will find themselves welcome amongst the rank-and-file.

Battlefield Importance: 4.9-Stars (Private)

  •  An exceptional vehicle to have in one’s collection and a great vehicle to build; but due to the line being new still there isn’t much in terms of opposition that can contend with this tank (hence the private designation)

Overall Rating: 5-Stars: Hands-down the best blok-based tank model on the market across any and all manufacturers. It would be considered a disservice to miss this set.

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