Call of Duty Preview: GHOSTS Tactical Helicopter

An order has just been received from logistical command that the GHOST tactical helicopter has been deployed en-route to COBALT’s LZ. As we await it’s arrival, let’s take a quick peak at what kinds of awesomeness may be in store…
Judging by the photos released by MEGA and some of the toyfair coverage, this set is gonna be HUGE…as in “you’re gonna need some bigger fishing line [to hang this sucker]” kind of big. It looks to be ‘covert-blue’ with plenty of fine details as we’re starting to become accustomed to by the CoD design team; which I absolutely love! One thing that I’m particularly interested in with this build is how the chopper’s engine system will be built…because if the Landing Craft or APC is any indication — MEGA BLOKS’ CoD design team pulls out all the stops when it comes to cramming in awesome little details into their sets, even in areas that are unlikely to be seen once the construction is complete :D

Beyond getting what appears to be a not-Blackhawk helicopter, this set comes with 4 figures (pilot, two ghosts, and a tactical dog) along with a ton of gear including weapons, crates, and a zipline! I’m very interested to see how this zipline works as there was something similarly included in the MH-6 little bird, but it was less-than-stellar in it’s figure-to-function application. From preliminary photos it appears this zipline will have a mechanism that attaches to the belt and the figure’s hands to allow them a midair-stop…just like the real guys!

Finally, another addition this set looks to offer is the ability to have figures in the cabin, which was eluded to in the MH-6 but wasn’t actually possible due to the compressed space – a design flaw that was required to maintain the look of a small chopper. I tried to mod mine to fit figures (unsuccessfully), which by judging at the size of this chopper I now understand why it didn’t work. So in that respect it’ll be great to see what kinds of great new action shots can be had from getting figures properly placed in the cabin — let’s just hope it doesn’t have a similar issue as the HALO Falcon, where 4 seats were designed into the build but realistically only 2 could be used.

In any case, procurement and R&D really deserve a thumbs-up for bestowing this “longbow” on us and we’ll be sure to get some good use of it. Look for the review coming soon!! :D

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