left-to-right: Troop-pack hunter, Elite Storm, S7 single-pack grunt, S5 single pack grunt.

HALO: Quad-Walker Review (MEGA BLOKS Set# 97263)


Preface    The ONI Reap-X subseries is a deviation of the HALO brand licensed to MEGA BLOKS, that integrates the technologies acquired by Covenant defeats with current UNSC assets. Although it is not technically canon (yet), it is MEGA BLOKS attempt to add to the HALO universe through a series of vehicles classified as ONI prototypes which are sent on missions through covert deployments aka BLACK OPS. This concept allows Continue reading

A Closer Look: Micro-Scale Warthog Attack

DSCN2035Preface:     The micro fleet series is a new sub-line from MEGA BLOKS being offered in 2014. Each set features a micro-scale version of one of MEGA BLOKS most popular UNSC vehicles (Warthog, Hornet, or MANTIS) shrunk to approximately 25% size/pieces of its original blok-counterpart. Each set also includes a micro structure (forerunner tower, sniper tower, or shade turret), a Spartan Mk VI, weapon, “battlescape” plate and display helmet/carrying case. Continue reading

Soldier getting new armor in the Halo Ring

MEGA BLOKS: HALO UNSC Infinity Armor Bay

DSCN1765<Incoming Transmission>

Preface:              The Infinity Armor Bay set# 97262 is MEGA BLOKS’ visual interpretation of the armory bay featured in HALO 4 Spartan Ops. The design of the set comes from a machine that utilizes robotics, AI support and sometimes human technicians to assist a SPARTAN in attaching their armor, as depicted below:

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Inside the box Continue reading


MEGA BLOKS: HALO Rapid Attack Covenant Ghost

"Run, demon!"

“Run, demon!”

Straight from the classified data files of ONI Section III…

<Incoming Transmission>

Preface:            The Rapid Attack Covenant Ghost set# 97213 is the 4th reincarnation of the iconic Type-32 rapid assault vehicle. The set contains 104 pieces and features a redesigned fuselage, added foot pegs for riders, and increased details in the tail of the vehicle.  Also included in this set are two figures; a Halo 4 style – white covenant elite Zealot and a Halo 4 Spartan IV wearing recruit armor in the covert color scheme. The following is analysis provided by ONI field command… Continue reading