HALO: Mega Bloks Micro Builds

From the files of ONI Section III…


Preface:               The micro fleet series is a new sub-line from MEGA BLOKS being offered in 2014. Each set features a micro-scale version of one of MEGA BLOKS most popular UNSC vehicles (Warthog, Hornet, or MANTIS) shrunk to approximately 25% size/pieces of its original blok-counterpart:

 DSCN2016  DSCN2011

Packaging:          The box design continues with the white-bordered design utilized by MEGA BLOKS from the Fall 2014 lineup but with subtle changes around the border which now feature more black frames and borders between the graphical elements and the texts…but wait! What’s this!! This time around, focal point of the package no longer displays a render of the set centered on the box, but instead is offset and shares space a bulbous plastic helmet that protrudes from the box with all its glitz and glory! No longer will the SPARTAN designation remain hidden behind the shadows, no – now you will see MC’s shiny visor in all it’s reflective glory (as well as that giddy childish look on your face as you reach for the package) busting out of the box..almost daring you to buy this set!

A similar design was utilized by MEGA in past brands featuring a knight’s head, skull, dragon egg, and many other…so the concept itself isn’t new. However, what is new is that MEGA finally may have found a purpose for giving their buyer this obtuse blob of plastic! Hurray…eh, wait, what? How is that you may ask?


“Check ya’ later!”

Well, in a design such as this it yields practically no value to a blok enthusiast/adult collector – however, as this line is a micro-line geared toward children the helmet actually does a good, no GREAT job acting as a carrying case for said micro-build. It’s large enough that you can fit the entire build inside it (without dis-assembly) along with figure; and once the landscape plate is attached there’s no concern for lost pieces. This varies the landscape TREMENDOUSLY as this kind of functionality was never present in the Pirates of the Carribean (POTC), Iron Man (IM), Dragons Universe (DU), etc. properties due to the size and scale of the builds bound within the noggin-boxes. (Let the record show I found absolutely NO VALUE in keeping a goofy looking pirate skull helmets of yesteryear!)


“Look into my ….visor?”

As if functionality wasn’t enough, the visors on the helmet are very chrome-y too! I can’t wait to see that one collector in the B&M store ciphering through the stock trying to find “the perfect” helmet as I’m sure retailers can’t stand designs like this and the lost shelf space accompanying it – but to them I say BLEH! Because this time it actually works! I don’t normally go into this much detail on the carton design, but as an appreciator of fine design I felt it necessary to give kudos to the design team for this accomplishment.

Contents:            As this is another smaller price point set, there’s not really anything to depict upon opening the bag that one can’t simply see on the instructions PDF. Each set also includes a micro structure (forerunner tower, sniper tower, or shade turret), a Spartan Mk VI, weapon, “battlescape” plate and display helmet/carrying case. Note that if you’re missing pieces in these builds (an issue MEGA has yet to fully nail down…but they’re getting better), it’s likely you might want to play the lotto as everything is kept in a single poly bag that is accessible only once opening the carton. Again, at <50 pieces one should expect a highly straightforward build. That being said, I haven’t been able to choose a favorite…so let’s take a closer look at each…

then decide:   which is your favorite?

DSCN2054 DSCN2042DSCN2031