A Closer Look: Micro-Scale Warthog Attack

DSCN2035Preface:     The micro fleet series is a new sub-line from MEGA BLOKS being offered in 2014. Each set features a micro-scale version of one of MEGA BLOKS most popular UNSC vehicles (Warthog, Hornet, or MANTIS) shrunk to approximately 25% size/pieces of its original blok-counterpart. Each set also includes a micro structure (forerunner tower, sniper tower, or shade turret), a Spartan Mk VI, weapon, “battlescape” plate and display helmet/carrying case.


Packaging:     As mentioned in the overview, the packaging features graphics of the Warthog – this time performing reconnaissance on a forerunner artifact/structure. On the rear panel the artwork depicts each element separated so that a buyer can know what to expect inside. Also pictured are the other two micro-build sets, along with a graphic indicating the actual size of the scaled down vehicle.

Contents:    This set contains a total of 93pcs packaged as 1-plastic Spartan Helmet, 1-landscape plate and 1-bag of contents (including figure).W00004

Figures:    Each of these micro builds features a Spartan Mk IV in various colors and each sporting a different weapon. In this set, we receive a bright green Mk IV with a railgun– both of which we’ve either received the exact or similar item before. I never quite understood why MEGA made figures in this shade of green as it was voted “Next-least-likely to be utilized by a military” at the Which Colors You Dislike Most Awards (only being beat out of the top prize by superbright-no-wash red :P). For those that couldn’t afford a Forward Unto Dawn signature series set, I regret to inform you that this MC is NOT comparable!


“Why, why….WHY!!!”

I for one am glad this is the case as it makes that figure unique; though I will also admit that these Halo 4 armors really need the accent detailing on the shoulder-piece to look laudable. Sans detailing the shoulder permutations just blend in with the rest of the sculpt too much.

The railgun is left undetailed and is molded in lighter-gray. A pretty forgettable offering IMO.

Structure:    As the vehicle is the highlight ofW00003 these sets, I’ll discuss whatever there is to say about this forerunner structure. Typically shown throughout HALO, forerunner structures are supposed to represent architectural icons of how advanced forerunner civilization is compared to the “modern” era (2552 A.D.) As such, I can’t help but feel this structure is a bit lackluster. Granted, it does a fair job of kinda resembling the cauldron from Halo 4 Spartan Ops…but let’s be serious for a moment: we’re talking a total of 11 pieces. Considering you can barely build a wall with 11 pieces, I’d say it’s OK. The best part of this build is that translucent 1×1 blok with side studs. To be honest though, I think some landscape bits probably would’ve gone further here than adding this structure.

Now, let’s talk about this warthog…


Reigning in as the piece-master [and yes, masterpiece] of this set, the ever-iconic warthog is a meager 10 minute build from start to finish.DSCN2032 However, after that 10min., prepare to stare in awe at the miraculousness the right collection of parts can yield. As you can see from the comparison shot next to a Halo 4 warthog, MEGA BLOKS did an impeccable job capturing the likeness of the vehicle is such small proportions. I enjoyed this little build so much I couldn’t put it down after it was constructed – i.e. immediate toy gratification.

It does have some minor hiccups – such as figuring out whether the turret is supposed to be a set of rocket pods, a very stylized Gauss cannon or just something else altogether; but it’s negligible as they can easily serve a secondary purpose as booster rockets ;) The only real flaw I experienced with the set is that little c-clip used as the t-roof of the hog. It just clips there without fully connecting to the glass and feels heavy-handed in what is otherwise a superbly constructed micro-build. As I couldn’t think of a better way to do it and maintain the refined look, I felt compelled to leave it with simply a minor deduction in the overall rating…


  • Clutch: 4.75/5      Younger builders will really like this set should they not quite be ready to build the larger warthogs. However, the clip-roof is prone to popping off during play. considering it’s an easy pop-on; it’s not a major flaw but one I feel could’ve been executed marginally better.
  • Stability: 5/5   It’s got 4 wheels. Any stability issues would elude to a much larger issue.
  • Build: 5/5   No issues or complications with the instructions.
  • Innovation: 4.75/5   The minor deduction here is because of the figure/weapon, not the actual set. I’m OK with the fact we got a Mk. VI, but disappointed in the color selection. The fact that I’m not a fan of the railgun also reflects negatively on the innovative side for this build.

Overall: 4.8/5…My only complaints are minor and nitpicky at best. I can’t wait to have some covenant resistance in this scale to combat! Now I just need to find if I have enough pieces to make an alternate color!

As an adult collector I have no use for the helmet, Spartan, weapon, or forerunner structure – but the average audience with that has a tendency to want to take their toys on-the-go…this line is GREAT, and highly recommended!!!

"Ya'll come back now, ya' hear?"

“Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear?”

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