Halo Mega Bloks UNSC Wombat Drone and Micro Mini Action Figure

HALO: UNSC Recon Drone “Wombat” (Set# 97451)

Straight from the classified data files of ONI Section III…<Incoming Transmission>

DSCN2820Preface:   The UNSC recon drone aka “Wombat” is the unmanned most notably found in HALO 3: ODST and is seen in cutscenes flying over New Mombasa. In this particular set by MEGA BLOKS, we get a set containing 89 pieces which constructs the F-99 unmanned aerial surveillance craft, the playable character “Rookie”, an M7S silenced SMG – the notorious weapon of choice for ODSTs, and a micro-screen display.  The following intel report was filed on behalf of BAToynews courtesy of MEGA BLOKS…

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