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MEGA BLOKS HALO Gungoose Review (Set#CNH24)

<<Incoming Transmission//Protocol: B-312 Charlie-Bravo; Sierra-Tango/..NEVADA-SIX//SEC: AUTHORIZED>>

Welcome back to BAToynews, fellow blok-heads!
Today’s review features one of the most sought-after figures since super-articulation was announced; Noble Six! So how is he…er…um, the gungoose? Let’s get started…



Following the same design changes mentioned  here (Covenant Commander review), MEGA BLOKS follows suit with the Gungoose box; showcasing the render of the vehicle against a black backdrop silhouetted by the words “HALO” in the top corner. On the back panel we can see another render of the vehicle in a brief, with a side graphic indicating the figure included is in fact the long awaited for Noble Six with MA37 ICWS (Assault rifle)!!!

[Editors' NOTE: It seems that contrary to some speculation, Noble Six is GRAY, not BROWN; hence ending the debate -- and corresponds with McFarlane's released figure AND game renders]:

Noble Six Screenshot from HALO: Reach (courtesy of Pinterest)

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