Call of Duty: Fungus Amongus (Zombie Horde)

In a non-descriptive location, reports have been coming out via satellite imagery that men once believed to be deceased have risen once again. Concerned that it may be some form of flesh-eating virus, the CDC has requested a military escort be deployed to the region for reconnaissance.

This is the story of one such soul scout…

12:18 HRS JAN 28 2014
 LOCATION: <<GEO COORDINATES: 45.405776°N, 73.221455°W>>

<Comm static>…been on the trail now for about ten days, still haven’t seen any signs of life. Everything is very opaque. I don’t even think a beast has crossed my path in the past four days. Don’t know who in the brass I’ve pissed off – but one thing is clear, this assignment…hmm… is that? It is….


DSCN2117Along this desolate path, it seems a random telephone pole has seen better days. DSCN2121This area may have been a farm at one time judging by the tractor tire and equipment laying around…perhaps that’s just my mind playing tricks on me though. It has been rather innocuous out here without any signs of civilization. I must say it’s a rather welcoming feeling seeing that rotted out bit of fencing. Kinda looks like the post and rail  grandpa used to have back on the farm…wait…what the!?

DSCN2131It’s true…there ARE zombies! And a mass of them at that! But, where did they come from? Who are they…or…what are they? It seems there are only 3 possibilities:


1) Mental Ill


2) Rednecks


3) The Fonz




The nut-house escapees seem a bit impractical in this barren of a place, but I don’t know how else to explain their straight jackets…nor the fact there’s so many of them! I’ve counted three manifesting from the earth just now!DSCN2137

Not sure if their balding is a result of their being late, or something that was done to these poor souls pre-mordeum….and the rigor mortis. DSCN2136These guys walk around worse than the grandma on an Alieve commercial! I don’t think an infection could’ve caused this kind of decay, but I’m no doctor. Hell, I’ve seen ghouls before. Ghouls can even get around better than these guys. Nontheless, they stand about the same height as myself; so they must’ve been human at one point or another…

Anyway, I hope you’re getting all this chatter STATCOM, because there is no way in hell I’m coming back here…these things are just *THWACK!*….creepy.

DSCN2134In small groups…I think I can handle them with this pickaxe and shovel…

DSCN2132Argh! There’s more of them!! They just keep coming! STATCOM this is Rico-five..I’m gonna need backup ASAP! Bring the rain!!!

DSCN2138(To be continued…)


The following analysis is for service of additional divisions in the evaluation of procuring this platform. Ratings are based on a 5-star system and are quantified in terms of specific importance as Private, Sergeant, Captain, and General to be determined on their impact to the overall score.

Construction Quality: 4-stars (Private)

  • As this is a troop pack, not much is expected in the way of building construction. Considering all the figures are pre-assembled; this characteristic point is almost moot. However, the telephone pole is a nice touch even if it’s a bit strange that it utilizes plates over rounded studs. Still, scenery fodder is always welcome! The only downside is that the top post can be finnicky and fall off it bumped since it’s only held in place by a single stud.

Design Aesthetics: 3.7-stars (Sergeant)

  • The fact that zombies are part of this brand is in itself reason to celebrate. Though the lack of articulation is somewhat of a disappointment, the problem is fairly easy to cure by swapping the legs from CoD soldiers. Sadly this leaves those brave enough to donate their duds with severe charlie-horses; but the fact that there is a remedy is a welcomed insight by the design team.
  • The design of the telephone pole is a nice touch, as I am a fan of the string/wires provided in the set. Granted it would’ve been nice to see them as one long string (for intertwining multiple poles), but a nice touch nonetheless.

Asset Value: 5-stars (Captain)

  • Procurement divisions must be pressured to acquiring multiples. One horde does not do enough justice! Cost would seem slightly overpriced with 5 figures, but as 6 are provided it is more than feasible. Factoring in the added value of additional scenery fodder makes this a MUST BUY. Even more impressive is how imposing a large mass of these figures can be despite their limited articulation.. A simple ROE:  6:1 odds or better makes a great scene!

Battlefield Importance: 5-Stars (General)

  • Any fan of CoD, or zombies for that matter will find the undead antagonists to be a great factor in their battle scene development. As stated, the inclusion of terrain and scene fodder exemplify the necessity for procurement.

Overall Rating: 4.7-Stars: A bit stiff at the joints, but one of the best sets to buy in bulk. EVER!DSCN2123

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