Call of Duty: Juggernaut Review (Set# 06851)

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On a warm afternoon in the heart of Brooklyn, distress calls flood the airwaves of a madman in full body armor terrorizing the streets. As NYPD clears the area of civilians, strategically placed bombs bring local government buildings crumbling to the ground. The NYPD special task force has arrived on the scene to find the assailant has placed a bio-weapon in one of the devastated buildings. Realizing the situation is beyond their ability – the commander decides to fallback and contacts the Commissioner…


…after receiving the SITREP by Task Force Commander Higgins; and appropriately grilling his team for their incompetence, the Commissioner calls in a personal favor to one of his poker buddies — a 3-Star general over at the Pentagon.

In less than an hour, COBALT Team arrives on the scene with their orders in-hand:DISARM AND DETAIN.

The following narration is a first-person perspective of that mission:

17:44 HRS JUN 24 2014

DSCN2649*static over comms*

[COBALT-One]:   “Alright Two…we need to get some eyes on this guy. Reports indicate he’s west of your position and coming hot. Keep your head up”
[Two:]   “Roger that boss, but…what was that about a bio-weapon?”
[One:]   “We’re going to run diversion tactics on him. Three and I will draw him in, you make a bee-line for the weapon. Take it east and find cover. If he picks up your scent we won’t have much time to take him down before he descends on your position.”
DSCN2650[Two:]   “Why am I the guinea pig Boss? Surely this is a job for the scout…”
[One:]  “We may need high caliber rounds if things go…wait. Are you questioning me?”
[Two:]   “Negative sir, moving out!”
[Three:]   “Atta’boy Two!”

As COBALT-Two moved into position, the trembling of earth creaking under the foot of a man larger than himself could be heard. DSCN2632The juggernaut’s appearance was that of a walking iron lung, lurking ominously through the shadows on a collision course with hell. COBALT-Two peered at him from his cover, staring via his peripheral vision as if direct eye contact with the expressionless facade of juggernaut’s facemask would yield his position. Contrastingly, the juggernaut stood mere feet from him, staring into nothingness, expressionless and yet unaware of the thieves of his righteousness that were about to take their loot. A heavy sigh came from him, an exhaling of the burden on his shoulders, no longer bearing the weight of the world, but only the weight of his armor.
Seeing this relief, COBALT-One streaked across the alleyway, purposely shoveling his DSCN2651feet as to catch the curiosity of the gestalt in such a manner as to draw his attention but not his gun. It worked. Intrepidly,  the juggernaut moved toward COBALT-One and Three; slowly drawing his gun as if a quick movement would expend all his energy. As the juggernaut meandered closer, COBALT-One readied his flash-bang grenade and whispered “Three, get ready…”

“HEY YOU, come out AND GET SOME!” shouted the Juggernaut.
*whispers over comms* “Two, make your move!”DSCN2652

COBALT-Three shoveled the barrel of his rifle around the corner and fired at the juggernaut, causing him to draw his shield up. One hurled his flash-bang grenade at the behemoth’s feet; and COBALT-Two skirted up the stairs and into the burning building to snatch up the bio-weapon.
<BANG!> DSCN2653The flash-bang explodes and knocks the juggernaut off-kilter. <BOOM!> Three fires a second shot at the faceplate, sending the giant backwards as he loses his balance. COBALT-One seizes the opportunity with the juggernaut disarmed and moves like lightning upon him.COBALT-Two, after disarming and securing the bio-weapon looks out from upon the rubble at the downed juggernaut and raises his rifle to provide suppression fire if needed.DSCN2654

“Get my six three!”

COBALT-Three hustles with rifle in-hand, closing in on the target as COBALT-One readies the cuffs and tackles the already downed enemy combatant. DSCN2655Twisting and wrapping, like a reticulated python strangling it’s prey; One snares the juggernaut with his arms behind his back. As the dust settles…the smell of gunpowder and scorched metal fills the city-stricken air…and the Juggernaut is detained for ‘questioning’…



The following analysis is for service of additional divisions in the evaluation of procuring this platform. Ratings are based on a 5-star system and are quantified in terms of specific importance as Private, Sergeant, Captain, and General to be determined on their impact to the overall score.

DSCN2638Construction Quality: 5-stars (Private)

  • This set dons a nice little piece of landscaping fodder to bolster other released landscape bits and has excellent nuances in the sculpts to accentuate a higher attention to quality in the figure. Also in the fall lineup – figures now come mostly pre-assembled so there’s no need to be concerned with sore fingertips any longer (unless you’re like me and kitbash the heck out of these guys ;) )

Design Aesthetics: 4.75-stars (Captain)

  • The juggernaut features all new sculpts for the body armor, forearms and boots which facilitate into one sweetly armored up bomb-technician/enemy-combatant/whatever. DSCN2632 The design crew especially gets high marks for the fine details in the one-piece body armor which has accentuated details like breathing vents below the neck collar (though sculpted, not fully punctured through to maintain DSCN2646strength) and fantastic color-bashing by using the darker green tones (as found in the arctic troopers figures) in conjunction with the lighter greens of the platoon patrol. Added props as well to utilizing the single-injected “urban camo tan” for the pillars and the oldie-but-goodie desert camo marbling for the I-beam.
  •  The only real knocks I have DSCN2633on this set are two things…

1) those steel-blue pouches which give a strange representation to this figure. Although I feel they were there to add to the color palette, I think they’d be better served on a future blue-variant of the juggernaut *wink wink @ MEGA BLOKS* ;)

2) The landscape structure has this oddity to it where one of the poles fully DSCN2644plugs into both sides via holed 1×1 posts; but the second pole only connects on one side and IMO just leaves the partial structure feeling a bit more impartial that I would like. What gives?


Asset Value: 3.6-stars (General)

  • As with any figure/weapons pack; the biggest draw to sales is either the figure offered, or the weapons offered, or both (or contrastingly, neither..but let’s not go there :P ). In this case we get an excellent figure with full articulation as is the theme of the CoD line; and a moderate piece of landscaping dio fodder to boot. DSCN2640However, unlike the HALO weapons packs that retail at the same price – the weapons selection here is limited to a riot shield, flash-bang grenade and a pistol – not exactly my premiere weapons-of-choice if going against the CoD “good guys”.

        …The silver lining here is that juggernauts don’t ALWAYS have to be bad guys – they could also be your surrogate Nicolas Cage ala “The Rock”:NCTR

Battlefield Importance: 3.5-Stars (Sergeant)

  • Since this line began last year I’ve been a proponent of wanting some antagonists…and we now have them!! (YES!) …though in diminished capacity to what I myself (as well as many of the fans) are hoping for. In any case, it’s nice to have something besides zombies to fight…though these guys will need more backup in the future if they’re gonna stand a chance against the M1A1, APC, or CLAW for that matter – so I recommend buying in multiples.



Overall Rating: 4.25-Stars: Although lacking in the firearms and accessories department compared to it’s counterpart the ghillie sniper — this set entails superior sculpting on the juggernaut with nuanced details like the latching body armor and added hitch points along with an awesome looking full-face helmet making it an excellent addition to the brand! (and the bits of landscape material can be rather useful in future customs too ;) )


This link will re-direct you to preoder your very own Call of Duty Mega Bloks Juggernaut at BA Toys!






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