MB: Call of Duty Ghillie Suit Sniper (set# 06852)

20140825_080631In a rustic tavern on the edge of a war-torn village, a lone soldier meanders from the shadows of solitude into the inviting hearth of civilization. As he approaches the front door – a scarred plank of wood that’s as splintered as a cactus, the robust sounds of comradeship ring in his head like a concussion grenade, and as with shell shock – he goes into a somber reflection of his thoughts: 20140818_075536

It’s been how long? When was the last time I’ve seen another living soul? Is this real?

Before he can regain his composure, an eminence bellows from the creaking door inviting him inside. His gait steadies as his mind regains clarity, and he reads the sign above “Welcome to Resist__ce Tavern”. 

He enters the pub…

22:56 HRS AUG 20 2014

20140818_075658“Howdy there soldier, you look like ya’ ben’un the woods for a minute. Need a drink shug?”, said the barkeep.

“Am I dead? Are you an angel?”, inquired the ghillie, now feeling that sense of shell-shock once again.Not realizing the soldier had been out-of-touch with mankind as long as he had been, she quipped, “aww shug, you outta know bettah than to hit on the barkeep this early in the evenin’. The night’s stull young.”

“Huh..oh..um, no ma’am. I wasn’t…”

“‘Ts’all-right shug, why don’cha have a seat and get yourself a bur,” she replied. and in the blink of an eye she’d popped the top off of a cold-frosted glass bottle and thrust it into the hands of the ghillie.20140818_075815

“Well, thank you ma’am, but I don’t have any money on me to cover the tab. You see, I’m —”

Before the soldier could finish his refusal, a man sitting to his left interjected “put it on my tab ‘becca.” The man was an elder soul, a retired Navy medic that for some reason still touted his uniform every Wednesday at the pub. With a worn face and cheeks flushed like a schoolboy getting caught behind the bleachers with his first girlfriend, he asked, “Ya’ look like you been through hell soldier – what’s your name and unit?”

The ghillie, slightly off-put by this impromptu inquisition after time away from the world,  took a swig from his amber bottle and responded, half out-of-breath “2nd…” before returning to his drink. Subsequently, the old medic was also taken aback by the soldier’s brashness, and sat back in his seat to take a sip from his own beverage before responding, “Well, Corporal..what’s the 2nd up to these days?”20140818_075844

The ghillie sat motionless. He peered into his empty beer bottle, gazing as though the few drops of ale that remained would fashion themselves into a looking glass to give him the answers he was seeking: not only to the old man at the bar, but to all the hell he’d seen and escaped from in getting to this point in time. He gazed with a burdened heart and found nothing. So with a sigh and a slighted smile, the ghillie replied, “Well medic, been in hell as if that weren’t clear. Been waiting forever and a day on SATCOM to drop another blackhaw on my coordinates after the first evac went down, but those damned flyboys can’t ever be trusted to make an ETA. Ya know?”

The old man just sat there for a moment, then looked up at the ghillie with a look of puzzlement. “Blackhawk, what in tarnation kinda’ callsign is a blackhawk? You don’t meeen that movie with the guy witha’burd on his head, doya?” stammered the old man, now clearly more intoxicated than he first lead on.

“No sir, nothing like that. You ain’t never seen a blackhawk before?” responded the soldier.

“Can’t say I have. Whadd’they like?”

“Well, the only time I ever rode in one got me here.” replied the ghillie. “I wouldn’t mind tellin’ ya, but it’s gonna cost ya…”


The old man cracked a smile then slurred out, “Another round ‘becca…”

[To Be Continued]


The following analysis is for service of additional divisions in the evaluation of procuring this asset. Ratings are based on a 5-star system and are weighted in terms of specific importance as Private, Sergeant, Captain, and General which can have varying impacts to determining the asset’s overall score.

20140813_191639Construction Quality: 4-stars (Private)

  • As with all MEGA BLOKS sets I’ve reviewed over the past year, piece clutch is top-of-the-line quality and is longer desire from a MEGA BLOKS set, it’s an expected standard. In this set comprising of 42pcs, there is a ghillie sniper figure, sniper rifle with scope and ammo, and a small structure with 3 shrubs/ferns/foliage in a muted-green tint (which does an excellent job blending with the ghillie suit) — and gladly all the key components meet this standard. 

    A comparison between the ghillie ferns (far right) from previous releases

    A comparison between the ghillie ferns (far right) from previous releases

However, the foliage accents leave something to be desired in clutch control and tend to pop off easily, as does their “stub” 1×1 studs which are included to vary the height of the shrubs. Unlike competitors that use a rigid plastic to form their greenery, MEGA BLOKS 20140813_192142 tends to use a softer plastic to help give the bush a more natural texture; which may also be the root cause of the clutch issue because such plastics are more akin to warping when going through the cooling cycles after injection. Don’t misunderstand me — I love MEGA’s ferns much more than the competitor’s foliage; I just don’t love the difficulty in getting it to stay in place.

Design Aesthetics: 4.5-stars (General)

  • OK, first thoughts  – you’re getting an awesomely sculpted figure with his signature weapon…..then a piece of scenery. I can’t praise the figure enough for the awesome camo sculpts on the thighs, how finely detailed the ghillie suit itself is done; nor how impeccable the figure looks with the factory “camo” wash over what used to be a typical forest-green fatigue.

20140814_07504120140814_075019Moreover, the new stock, scope, and barrel pieces that are given to this set (as well as the sniper team troop pack) really are a vast improvement over the first-wave weapons which basically required collectors to envision their snipers carrying silenced [not] AK-47s with an optics package. I really like the fine details sculpted into the scope including the range-finding dials, adjustment screws, and other textures that really make this weapon come alive (irony not intended)

Another opportunity  I feel like was missed in not making the ghillie’s helmet removable (because we all have a custom MAF head that we want to pop onto new acquisitions to make “ourselves” into that new character, right?)
Regardless, removable helmet would’ve been good.

Asset Value: 3-stars (Captain)

  • As with the juggernaut, this set has an MSRP of $6.99 and as with any weapons pack-sized kit: the biggest draw to a figure/weapons pack is either the figure, the weapons, or possibly the scenery/extra bits provided (a good example of this was the HALO red EVA; which had an OK figure, great weapons selection, AND some superb diorama fodder). What makes a set a multi-purchase is specifically related to how much the collector values the essence of the set (i.e. is this [figure/weapons/scenery] worth $_.___), and in this particular set there’s really only one thing to go on; which is the sniper himself. Had this set come with a plethora of weapons and accessories (or a rangefinder scope for that matter), or an environment that featured more of what collectors are asking for (scenery fodder),
    -The scenery fodder-

    -The scenery fodder-

    this set would be flying off the shelves; but alas – it doesn’t …so I have a hard time seeing this set as merely a 1, possibly 2 figure purchase, simply for the fact that 2 ghillies alone in the Columbian jungle make a good movie MEGA BLOKS diorama.



Battlefield Importance: 5-Stars (Sergeant)

  • In today’s modern combat scenarios, nothing strikes fear into the heart of the enemy like the mythic sniper killing you from over a mile away. In CoD Mega Bloks, nothing can snuff out a pack of zombies or drop a juggernaut as quickly and efficiently as your own personal Tom Berenger :P
"One shot, one kill..."

“One shot, one kill…”

Overall Rating: 3.8 Stars: I really like this figure’s sculpting and details are a really neat addition to the CoD lineup, as is the new bits and bobs of the sniper rifle; but this set fits in the same category as the HALO weapons packs that are always loaded to the teeth with accessories, where this set falls desperately short; and given that antagonists are in short supply in the CoD lineup – I can see the juggernauts being more sought after in bulk.

That being said, I would recommend that if you like the set, you buy at least two, cuz snipers work best in pairs ;)

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the review!


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