MB: Call of Duty Zombie Outbreak (set# 06849)


You’ve known then as the deep south undead rockers with the heavy sound and gurgling lyrics – now you can hear them one more time…on stage in a backwater hole-in-the-wall bar, the 1990’s grunge band reunites for one show only….Brains before Beauty!

22:56 HRS SEP 10 2014
 LOCATION: <<GEO COORDINATES: GEORGIA, unknown coordinates, USA>>

DSCN3674_1As the sound checks finish and the stage hands finish the final tests; the crowd begins to groan in anticipation.DSCN3674_2 The lights flicker upon the stage and cast a shadowy figure to fan’s delight: it’s the drummer – Dave Ghoul!

The fans grow restless with excitement, and two more figures shuffle across the stage. Finally, the lights go dark….and Brains before Beauty in ON! They begin their set with a cover of the Cranberries smash hit “Zombie”, followed up by a few of their best songs.

DSCN3675DSCN3686 DSCN3687 DSCN3688 DSCN3689

Before the night is over; the band hits another fan favorite with a White Zombie cover “I, Zombie” and quickly take the stage. All in all, a great show once again…however, as fans moaned for an encore Brain’s did not return….


“Thhhuhhh…yooouuu…gooo nuuughhh…”

Exiting the stage without the encore, the fans began to riot….


..and the groupies toppled security; but not before the band made their getaway.

Next time…just do the encore ;-)


The following analysis is for service of additional divisions in the evaluation of procuring this asset. Ratings are based on a 5-star system and are weighted in terms of specific importance as Private, Sergeant, Captain, and General which can have varying impacts to determining the asset’s overall score.

Construction Quality: 3-stars (Captain)

  • Unlike prior reviews, this time around I’ve got to knock some points off on the construction quality. Overall the dioscape of this set is nice, but the floor is a real pain in the [you know where]. This is because the flooring itself. The construction begins with a set of 1x_’s being inter-weaved together by theDSCN3671 flat floorboards you see on top, and is finally attached to the fencepost resulting in a very cumbersome construct that is flimsy and prone to shifting: re: a b**** to build. This is in part due to the flats used to connect the support bloks which don’t offer studs to visually align the spacing in the instructions. I counted anywhere between 2-3 tear-down and rebuilds before getting it right…and considering how little the floor adds to the overall piece I wasn’t pleased with the result – a strange array of flat bits that are very dis-conjoined with a gap in the middle; that no figures could actually stand on. It’s almost like someone said “hey, we’ve done baseplates before…instead let’s do something different to reinforce that cool fence…”  …end result — Not a fan :-/

Design Aesthetics: 4-stars (General)

  • OK, first and foremost…the fence is AWESOME! I was concerned at first that the mesh-cloth material wouldn’t appear as much like chain-link as the first renders appeared; but that fear was unsubstantiated. DSCN3662The fabric is very firm and bodes well for it’s intended purpose — the only critique I can say is that it’d be nice if it came with the holes pre-fabbed into the design to mitigate accidental ripping on the edges. It looks well on it’s own, but with the added barbed wire above it; the desired ambiance of a chain fence is top-notch!
    As stated before, I wasn’t too pleased with the floorboards from a construction-based POV, and find their design value to be somewhat lackluster as well; unlike the cool boarding used on the fencepost which makes a nice “viewing window” when removed. This is because after acquiring around 40+ zombies in this line I’ve found that it’s EXTREMELY difficult to get these guys to stand up on their own unless they’re bolted into a stud post; and in bulk…plan on a very exhausting evening. Moreover, if you plan on displaying them with their arms outreached without a stud post: forget about it! The leg sculpts are often bowed, making the figures unstable on their own and the extended arms make them topple over like one of those fifty-cent figurines you get out of the vending machines at a grocery store. Thus, having flat-plates on a set like this becomes completely useless except as elements to add to another set….moving on, this army builder features 6 zombies articulated similarly to previous incarnations (swivel arms, waist, ball-joint head) and re-used molds for the torsos on 4/6 figures…so I marked it down on design aesthetics (as well as a little bitterness still lingering from the flooring construction).
    DSCN3667 DSCN3668 DSCN3669
    A new head sculpt or multiple uses of the newer torsos could’ve really given this set more aesthetic value. In any case, these zombies now feature red eyes opposed to last year’s blue-eyed zombies and have two new torso molds – a white A-shirt [in laymen terms  “a wife-beater”] and a bare-shirted zombie (nice abs dude! :P ). The new guys also have a bit more gore detailing on them, which is nice when you’re undead. Ick!

Asset Value: 3-stars (Sergeant)

  •  A great set for adding extra details to an already amassing diosphere if you’ve bought the TranZit Farm or Mob of the Dead, but the fact remains that you’re essentially getting recolors of zombies already offered. Save for two new torso sculpts and a cool piece of fence, there’s not a lot offered here; especially in the accessories department.
    …here’s hoping some fan customs can do something cool with those flooring pieces.

Battlefield Importance: 3-Stars (Private)

  • Considering we have a zombie troop-builder already and the lack the weaponry to defend oneself against a pile of rotting corpses, I can’t really say this set is a definitive necessity for a zombie takeover and have rated it accordingly. It does however make a nice addition to the undead army by offering two new torsos and the variance in eye color. IMHO, I think most of the people who find value in this set will be those that didn’t go overboard in buying the zombie hoard last year *ahem* or those looking to make a complete chain-link fence to keep the unwanted hungries out.

DSCN3666Overall Rating: 3.25 Stars: A lot of good in the fence bits, but the rest of the set feels like something we’ve gotten before. Still, if you’re a zombie completist, you’re going to want at least a couple of the trailer-park style zombies meandering through your undead masses.

My recommendation: if you’re hungry for some zombie bullet-fodder, ‘swing for the fences’…but don’t expect too much from this as a stand-alone set.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the review!


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