Call of Duty Hazmat Zombies Mob: Set# CNC70

As quickly as MEGA BLOKS announced that Nuketown would be the next Call of Duty map to be released in blok form —  fan outcry rang loud for HAZMAT zombies. Hopes were at an all-time high for the brightly colored undead, that is until  promotional pics were released debuting Nuketown not as the post-apocolpytic wasteland fans had hoped for, but instead a picturesque facade of a 1950’s style cul-de-sac, complete with not HAZMAT zombies, but mannequins….yes, mannequins.

However, this overwhelming disappointment was merely a “card up the sleeve” for our favorite construction toy maker, as an image was soon thereafter leaked that Spring 2015 would include a HAZMAT zombie figure pack. As such, the set features 6 radiated fleshies donning neon yellow suits and a small diorama piece reigning in the total set piece count at 74pcs.



The packaging for the Hazmat horde continues along the same color palette and design as previous waves, featuring a still photo of the actual product on the front box panel with a bubble-window showcasing one of the figures in the pack. However, unlike previous releases this set is lacking the GPS coordinates of the location where the photo was taken. Although minor, I hope this was a one-off anod not an overall change in the packaging design, as in my opinion these kinds of small details really added to the overall presentation of the product.

Moving to the rear box panel there’s a digital render of the product showing all 6 zombies and miniature featurettes of the zombies in various “game-style” footage, though in blok-form. I’m especially fond the image on the far-left most and found it inspiring for this review as I do not have much experience playing the zombie-fight aspect of CoD, but this image seemed to really set the mood for my pictorals. DSCN4414_e

Once open, the contents inside the box include the bubbled figure, 5 bagged zombies and the bag of bits; which is separated into smaller bags. The actual build for this set is less than 5 minutes.


DSCN4419_eThe diorama given with this batch of walkers includes two dark-green camo baseplates affixed together with a makeshift fence, tipped over lightpole, trash can and some random wooden planks. Although simple in nature, I really can’t applaud the Mega Bloks CoD design team enough for how detailed their designs can be. MEGA could have simply given the light pole a single or two-piece mold like in years past *ahem: Spider-Man*, but instead the blok-connoisseur is given an excellent peg-in-joint 11-piece lamp post, which really sets the tone for this kind of ghetto-breakdown scene. For the money, I feel like this is possibly the best dio piece we’ve been given from any of the zombie sets released thus far (click to view: Zombie Horde Review and Zombie Outbreak Review). The added fence fodder will be welcome, but the lamppost is really what makes this set a multi-purchase as I could see that build being useful in CoD as well as HALO and future licenses.


The HAZMAT zombie hoard contains a total of 6 figures, 2 of each style figure:

Each figure dons a spectacular neon-yellow jumpsuit piece, with a steely-gray skin tone and gold eyes (or gold eyelets in case of the gas-mask wearing zombies). As such, you ultimately receive 6 neon-yellow pants, 2 bare-shirt torsos, two jumpsuit torsos, two hazmat torsos (with radiation logo codpieces), 2 bald-zombie molds, two coiffed zombie heads, and two gas-mask wearing zombie heads. Personally, I would’ve liked to gotten more HAZMAT suits, because I couldn’t help but feel like the jumpsuit-donning zombies were really just some poor garbage men that got a raw deal. The shirtless guys, OK – maybe they deserved it; but these dudes were just trying to get their daily grind in when it all went down:

"You watch the game last night?"

“You watch the game last night?”

….but I suppose they couldn’t all be wearing radiation-proof gear upfront, right? Speaking of…how did those guys get infected anyway?

Radioactive codpieces - spared no expense!

Radioactive codpieces – spared no expense!

Well, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that not all gas-masks are created equal, as MEGA actually created two different sculpts: one with eyelets intact and one with a broken eyelet!

As a matter of fact, when you check the paint applications of all these figures — there is never any two zombies are exactly alike; even when the general paint application is the same! This bodes very well for collectors looking for variety in their undead hordes ;)



The following analysis is for service of additional divisions in the evaluation of procuring this asset. Ratings are based on a 5-star system and are weighted in terms of specific importance as Private, Sergeant, Captain, and General which can have varying impacts to determining the asset’s overall score. So…more fun than a barrel of zombies?

Construction Quality: 4-stars (Private) DSCN4442_e

  • Clutch was as you’d want to see in your bloks. The only slight was that the zombie legs themselves still seem a little bow-legged causing poses NOT on studs to be somewhat wishy-washy; resulting in a minor deduction considering most uses will involve studded plates. 

Design Aesthetics: 4.5-stars (Sergeant)

  • Killer color scheming all around, coupled with superb construction designs and a few extra tidbits to bolster larger dioramas. vocalizeDSCN4445_e their desire for articulated zombies, but that ship has sailed for the foreseeable future — in that regard, nothing but goodness all around in this category.

Asset Value: 4.75-stars (Captain)

  • As with the all figure packs, this set has an MSRP of $14.99 and is riddled with value ranging from the fence pieces to the lamp posts. Oh…yeah and it has 6 figures instead of the articulated 5-figure sets. The only knock on points here was that we only get two full HAZMAT suits.

Battlefield Importance: 5-Stars (General)

  • We might as well be talking toothpaste and toothbrushes, because nobody’s going to want want “Nuketown” without some “nuked” dudes, so this set has ‘complimentary product’ written all over it!

-Juggernaut, axe, and riot shield are NOT included!-

Overall Rating: 4.6 Stars:A definite winner for any Call of Duty fan, especially those that enjoy the Nuketown maps!

Please feel free to leave feedback below and share what you’d like to see more (or less) of in these reviews. Thanks for reading!

The Early Fulfillment Hazmat Sets are gone- but B.A. Toys now has Hazmat Zombie Mob up for pre-order again. The next fulfillment date is mid-to-late January. You can >pre-order this new hot Hazmat Zombie Set at B.A. Toys < and say yourself the hunt!

Semper Vigilans,

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