Call of Duty: First Blood (er…review – Drone Attack)

Fellow soldier (reader),

The following commentary is intended solely for those who fear not the challenge of a collector’s series. As you read on, be aware that you are looking upon intelligence that is classified as sensitive and contains data which may be pertinent to a soldier’s mission success or failure. Note that the materials presented are for the intent of blok-warfare, and may or may not adhere to documented ROE. All parties involved have been given last rights with regard to the outcome of their mission, and have agreed to share their testimony.

This is their story…

//23:47 HRS JAN 27 2014
 LOCATION: <<GEO COORDINATES: 45.476262°N, 73.693054°W>>

Today was a good day. Didn’t start out so well, but kinda hard to find room to complain if you’re still breathing. Nontheless, our unit went on patrol down the northwest quadrant today and I couldn’t shake this feeling that something was calling me – a service unfulfilled, waiting for me, as if a duty I hadn’t performed. Something felt awry..then as the sands sifted from left to right, I came across this:

DSCN2088 (2)DSCN2090

First appearances eluded to a construct of 95 pcs., a mere 10 minute build in the eye of a blok-collector as myself. Still, the look of detail brought on by the nuanced parts selection and cornucopia of sculpted details caught my attention, so I felt compelled to look further.DSCN2091 Much to my surprise, inside lay a vast array of bits and bobs making up the 95 pieces in a total of 5 clear bags:

As quickly as I had discovered this gem, I came found him…the mercenary. This guy didn’t seem molded from the same die of me and my brethren though. No, where we might be classified as the typical olive drab blob-of-plastic, this guy was different. He was more…capable. Capable of doing all those things that we had wanted to do in our youth, before our muscles ached and our helmets blistered in the sun. This guy was something special…

DSCN2095First and foremost, there was a lot more to him than i expected. Granted he only stands at scale around 6’1″ (2.25″), but somehow this merc is built around a whopping 15 pieces (and that’s not even counting all his gear!). If the cool paint on his visor and molded parts of his comms and other details weren’t enough – it should be no surprise that he immediately started boasting about 12 points of articulation. “Bah!” I said, in disbelief (disbelief that I had become so outdated so suddenly).


“ugh…your shoes…weak.”

Nonetheless, Marc (as I call him) began strutting around, showing off his cool detached accessories: a leg strap, flash-bang grenade, knife, and gun clip. He even went so far as to show how each one could be attached to different posts on his gear. I couldn’t help but think to myself “who does this guy think he is – GI Joe!?”

If there was something about him I could nitpick – it would be the lack of color on his boots; as they get lost in the mold of his leg…but let’s be honest – at a small pricepoint such as this set I’m reaching here (just don’t tell Marc).

Anyhow, once everyone got over him, the real plans started to develop…BlueprintAlthough the outer packaging eluded to what appears as an A.G.R. (ref: AGR in-game screenshot), seeing this construction take shape was a real treat. DSCN2112As stated it only took about ten minutes (or long enough for Marc to get over himself), but the essence of the build does a great job of capturing the in-game presence in blok form. I’m especially fond of the offset drive axles as it gives the tread a nice “realistic” shape opposed to just being linear. This seems to also allow the AGR to actually go over terrain that would be formidable in a lesser-designed toy.

Of course, it goes without saying that Marc couldn’t just let us test it out – and insisted that he load the rocket battery himself…



……check the mechanics


…and go so far as to program the b*east himself.

  ...still, despite Marc’s insistent  pestering, one can’t go wrong with having an army of these battle droids in service. Let the record show that the color palette is a speckled ‘dust’ pattern made of a reddish-beige along with silver-gray detailing and black accents. The dual LMG turrets do rotate vertically as well as the rocket battery; and the whole platform can pivot horizontally to give a full-angle line-of-fire.

Overall a very exceptional build with two issues:

  • Be careful if you get one of the early production runs (shiny treads) as they’re prone to breaking [i.e. they WILL spontaneously break, but MEGA BLOKS will replace them free]
  • The rocket’s construction is somewhat flimsy and can have a tendency to pop off at very inconvenient times (like when they’re pointed at a particularly annoying mercenary ;)

Still, for $9.99-12.99, this is one of the best first-tier sets in what me and the guys (sans Marc) hope will be a very long-running line. Well…it’s onto debriefing before chow time, so ciao!

“Get out of the picture Marc!”


The following analysis is for service of additional divisions in the evaluation of procuring this platform. Ratings are based on a 5-star system and are quantified in terms of specific importance as Private, Sergeant, Captain, and General to be determined on their impact to the overall score.

Construction Quality: 2-stars (Sergeant)

  • AGR performed admirably against enemy combatants until a tread blew, then mobility was compromised until FIELDCOM dropped replacements. Exchange was simple and did not require much teardown. Rocket armaments could use an improvement as well.

Design Aesthetics: 5-stars (Captain)

  • As a new format for the standard microfigure (MAF) enough cannot be said about the incredible advantages this new level of articulation presents.NOTE: Figure can be difficult to assemble, so enthusiasts should confer with instructions to assure full assembly.
  • The AGR is exquisitely designed with the body lines of the in-game renders and leaves very little to be desired in terms of overlooked capabilities. The only flaw noted in field reports is a lack of control panel or remote module, but this is likely to keep asset value in check.

Asset Value: 4-stars (Sergeant)

  • Procurement divisions should have no qualms about the mitigated expense in acquiring this weapons platform. The construction makes good use of the parts included, provides an adequate supply of hard-to-acquire custom bits and delivers at the lowest pricing tier.

Battlefield Importance: 3-Stars (Private)

  • In open battle the AGR serves combat units well, but suffers in close-quarters spaces due to limited mobility in confined corridors. Multiples could be warranted based on their asset value, but are not a necessity.

Overall Rating: 3.7-Stars: Platform is worthwhile and a good starter set for any collector

[COMMISSION REVIEW]: Reconnect at this location for next report.

Mega Bloks COD Drone Attack is available at BA Toys.

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  1. Excellent review! More than just basic words, your review style is a good read!

    Really love the action shots and the tech spec/blueprint image of the drone!

    Keep em coming!

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