Soldier getting new armor in the Halo Ring

MEGA BLOKS: HALO UNSC Infinity Armor Bay

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Preface:              The Infinity Armor Bay set# 97262 is MEGA BLOKS’ visual interpretation of the armory bay featured in HALO 4 Spartan Ops. The design of the set comes from a machine that utilizes robotics, AI support and sometimes human technicians to assist a SPARTAN in attaching their armor, as depicted below:

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MEGA BLOKS: HALO Rapid Attack Covenant Ghost

"Run, demon!"

“Run, demon!”

Straight from the classified data files of ONI Section III…

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Preface:            The Rapid Attack Covenant Ghost set# 97213 is the 4th reincarnation of the iconic Type-32 rapid assault vehicle. The set contains 104 pieces and features a redesigned fuselage, added foot pegs for riders, and increased details in the tail of the vehicle.  Also included in this set are two figures; a Halo 4 style – white covenant elite Zealot and a Halo 4 Spartan IV wearing recruit armor in the covert color scheme. The following is analysis provided by ONI field command… Continue reading