MEGA BLOKS: HALO Rapid Attack Covenant Ghost

"Run, demon!"

“Run, demon!”

Straight from the classified data files of ONI Section III…

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Preface:            The Rapid Attack Covenant Ghost set# 97213 is the 4th reincarnation of the iconic Type-32 rapid assault vehicle. The set contains 104 pieces and features a redesigned fuselage, added foot pegs for riders, and increased details in the tail of the vehicle.  Also included in this set are two figures; a Halo 4 style – white covenant elite Zealot and a Halo 4 Spartan IV wearing recruit armor in the covert color scheme. The following is analysis provided by ONI field command…

Packaging:          The box design continues with the white-bordered design utilized by MEGA BLOKS from tDSCN1704he Fall 2014 lineup and highlights the ‘ghost’ by detailing a zealot charging into battle, completely oblivious to the fully exposed Spartan IV charging up a splazer shot.

On the rear panel each item’s isometric renderings are shown separate from one another to give potential buyers a DSCN1705better idea of the contents inside. Although other packaging designs have been more eye-catching in previous engagements – I do find the highlight beacon under the figures to be a nice subtle touch. It draws the buyer’s eye away from the wall of text on the left-side of the box, which typically is only read by customers once they’ve already made their mind up to buy. Also featured on the box art is the metallic ODSTs being offered in the spring wave as well as the off-world Cyclops (sold separately).

Contents:         As this set falls in the $12.99 price point, I didn’t feel it necessary to highlight the pieces in-bag as there’s only 3 bags and is a pretty straightforward build. However, this set is chalk-full of good bits such as the vent pieces (similarly used on the space banshee for missile pods) and the sensor arrays found on the windshield of the latest warthog designs. The ghost is indigo; similar to the 2nd version wraith. Also included are re-use weapons – Spartan Laser (not detailed) and the plasma sword molded in translucent pink/red. IMO though, the gem in this set are the two front mounted plasma turrets which are translucent blue with dark gray over molding. Being a fan of anything ‘plasma’ being translucent – I can’t stress how much that boosts the look of this ghost over previous incarnations – killer touch MEGA!!!



“A guy could really use a fuel-rod gun right about now…”

Figures:                This is my first experience with the Spartan Recruit MEGA BLOKS produced as I did not acquire set# 97123 which first featured the Recruit in the crimson color scheme. In this set, the covert mold goes very nicely with the black and gold painted accents. However, as seen with the fall 2014 singles packs, paint applications have the potential to be spotty. Mine for the most part is fine, although the visor could use a little bit better fill-in. Moreover, I would really like to see MEGA detail the remaining areas that should be blacked out; as tooling costs were already incurred to make the details we do receive. I digress, not a bad figure; but not groundbreaking either. The weapon pairing for this figure is a bit bleh as well, which really does take the wind out of the sails for the figure a bit (I don’t know a gamer that wouldn’t prefer a fuel rod gun or rocket launcher to take out a ghost instead of a laser)



The white elite zealot is identical to what we’ve seen in this mold previously, except this time he’s white. Looks nicer than previous white covenant figures *ahem: white elite pilot, white commando*; but still I find my preference to be in brighter pastel-metallic for my covies. I’m glad to have cheap access to additional sword colors though, so that’s a plus!



Vehicle:               Now to the meat and potatoes, let’s talk about a ghost. This baby is tricked out from the floor up; first and foremost of which is those beautiful plasma turrets previously mentioned:


…moving on, the design utilizes many of the previous features from the 3rd design (found in set# 96967 Versus: HIGH GROUND); but with bells and whistles added. For example, this set departs with the previous use of the 1×2 plates with molded handle for a 1×2 with pegs molded at both ends. I personally like this better as it gives the craft more of a motorcycle-kind-of-feel opposed to a rocket-style feel the vertical handles presented. It also prevents the chance of getting stuck with a one-handled vehicle. Another great feature of this ghost is the use of the sensor arrays as foot rests. This added detail really makes the figure look as though he’s settled in for a cruise; opposed to holding on for dear life:

(Streamers sold separately)

A comparison shot of high-ground ghost (front/left) vs. rapid assault ghost (back/right):


Stickers are no longer present on the set; which is a good thing….


So now for the breakdown:

  • Clutch: 5/5 No issues
  • Stability: 5/5 Superb. The added clear bits allow you to alter the pitch of the vehicle if desired without compromising any stability.
  • Build: 4.5/5 the build is excellent for army building. Can be constructed in <15min. without having to pre-sort pieces.
  • Innovation: 2/5 Except for a few bells and whistles, it’s really just a stand-alone HIGH GROUND ghost. Plus it’s a bit absurd that a Spartan IV could make that kind of shot. It’s not like we’re talking II’s or III’s here…
    Swap out the splazer for a plasma launcher or a fuel rod cannon? Now you’re in business…

Overall: 3.999/5…I just can’t quite bring myself to give this set a 4 or better when comparing it to other great $12.99 price-point sets such as ODST Ambush or the covenant shade turret. It’s a great set for the vehicle but after the first purchase – interest in the figures will be lackluster. A new weapon could’ve really knocked this set out of the ballpark.

Still, it’s a worthwhile purchase for fans wanting to convert their covenant army to the indigo color or for those that missed out previously on the improved fuselage design. Next up….UNSC Inifinity Armor Bay set# 97262

Thanks for reading!

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