ONI Procurement division has confirmed that the Elephant troop carrier is now making it’s presence across the North American hemisphere, so until it’s in our possession, constructed and deployed, let’s take a moment to preview what kinds of awesomeness this set may contain, shall we?

First, what grabs my attention the most is the FINAL availability of a Commando spartan, and not just any Spartan but the named figure CARTER, depicted here with his trademark DMR – and a jetpack (despite never seeing anyone in NOBLE wear a jetpack…but I’m ok with it ;) ) I cannot stress how long I’ve been waiting for this figure and am VERY excited to see it in the flesh! (Actually I can practically name the date, since mentioning commando armor was the first thing I posted about when MEGA first introduced the first-gen armory system. The logo depicting a commando helmet didn’t help matters much :P ).

Along with Carter, we get a JUN figure, which I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of Jun as he seems to always be running away from the action…but he’s welcomed nonetheless as Noble Team wouldn’t be complete without him. His blok-representation still looks spot on, including the ghillie-shawl around his shoulders! Following suit, our noble Spartan IIIs are accompanied by 3 Halo 4-style marines, one being a medic, a sergeant, and a trooper and a plethora of accessories and weapon; including one of my favorite accessories  since the jetpack [oh yeah, that’s included too]…the comms radio:

Personally, I think I would’ve liked to see some Halo Reach style spartan instead, but since the troop carrier is HALO WARS, the Spartan IIIs are from Reach, and the marines are from Halo 4, I suppose it’s a nice hodgepodge of different design elements.

Moving onto the actual set, it looks like this troop hog has all kinds of bells and whistles not seen on the previous (vehicle-transport version) elephant, like that scooper in the front and the trans-yellow windscreen cockpit. Also liking that it’s “falcon green” opposed to the first-gen “UNSC green” used in the V1 elephant. Sadly, I traded away my v1 elephant before this was released, so I won’t be able to do a side-by-side comparison as I would have liked to do in the official review.

My anticipation is peaked for this vehicle and looks to be a lot of fun! I particularly think it’ll be a better fit in my particular collecting style as I never really found much use in a vehicle-that-hauls-vehicles and felt the V1 elephant didn’t have much playability —  outside of deploying vehicles from it’s underside and backside deployment gates.

Again, I can’t say for certain from the preliminary photos what to expect in terms of troop capacity — but however many it holds, they’ll be in style heading off to the battle. So keep your comms channels on, because the review will be coming soon!

Until then….

Semper Vigilans,
-Cmdr. SymonSabre” Six